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CrowdFlower, The Gathering: An Evening with Our Brilliant Customers

Last week, CrowdFlower had the pleasure to host a very special dinner for our customers the night before our annual event, Train AI 2017. The intended purpose of the dinner was to welcome our customers to our event and thank them for their tremendous support of CrowdFlower. Customers traveled from different parts of the continental United States, as well as Latin America and Europe! It was great to see so many familiar faces and exciting to meet and greet the new faces that are pushing the frontiers of artificial intelligence.

We love our amazing customers because they understand the tremendous impact of clean, labeled, accurate training data for AI systems. They know for a fact that algorithms can only get you to a certain level of accuracy and that to make AI work in the real world, a true “human-in-the-loop” process is required to ensure further gains in model accuracy.

It goes without saying that the level of inspiring talent in the room was impressive. I was so pleased by how these pioneers in AI are literally changing the world — some saving the world. Without attributing use cases to specific customers, CrowdFlower works with companies that are training autonomous vehicles, using satellite imagery to map and label the surface of the Earth, training robots to do inventory management, using user generated location data to predict consumer behavior, training intelligent assistants or chatbots, incorporating machine learning into the creative design process, building recommender systems for famous music services and e-commerce sites, disease detection through sophisticated image analysis, saving the world’s elephant population through drone imagery and mapping and more!  Their creative and brilliant ideas to automate and expedite their organization’s business processes, products, services or research are truly limitless.

At CrowdFlower, we find it an honor to call these pioneers our customers. They are truly inspiring! We couldn’t be more proud in our important role to help shape the future of technology and the world by working with our customers.

Below are moments from our fantastic night and event. Many thanks to Anton Lenke for documenting the night!





Adobe & Planet Labs


Descartes Labs and Bossa Nova Robotics




Team CrowdFlower – Well done!