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Building Security & Trust: Figure Eight announces SOC 2 Compliance

At Figure Eight we are committed to ensuring we deliver the highest standards of security for our customers. Hence, we’re excited to announce that Figure Eight has completed it’s SOC 2 Type II audit!

What is SOC2 Audit?

SOC2 certification is a widely recognized gold standard for data security and confirms to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) standard. It requires companies to establish and follow strict information security policies and procedures.

By achieving SOC2 Type II certification, an independent third party has validated Figure Eight’s security policies, procedures, and controls.

Why is this useful to you?
As companies increasingly rely on third-party platforms for their critical data annotation needs to increase the accuracy of their machine learning models, increase efficiencies within their business process and launch their AI initiatives, there is a need for greater trust and transparency into platform provider’s operations, procedures, and processes. SOC 2 Type II audits are the most rigorous process and the reports are the most comprehensive certification. Along with the added rigor that SOC 2 requires, our SOC 2 Type II certification means that you, as well as your customers, can be at ease as your data annotation tasks are managed by a secure, SOC 2 compliant platform and vendor. In addition to SOC 2 compliance, Figure Eight has been delivering a number of additional enhancements that reinforces the security of our platform.

  • Data Encryption – Data is encrypted end to end and both in TRANSIT and at REST
  • Secure Data Access – Customers maintain ownership and governance overall source data
  • GDPR Compliance – Compliance with the European Union’s Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Strict Password Policy – Improved account security by strengthening the platform-wide password policy for all users
  • Secure Contributors – Data for annotation is routed to Secure Contributors who operate out of secure and monitored facilities

How can you learn more?
For more information, please contact for additional details about the report.

Figure Eight’s SOC 2 Type II certification is a testament to our commitment to enterprise-grade security, privacy, availability, and performance. Going forward, we will perform a SOC 2 examination on an annual basis in order to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to safeguarding your data and improving our security best practices.


Jesse Washburn

Principal Security Operations Engineer for Figure Eight