Figure Eight & IBM Watson Studio

Figure Eight’s Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning platform is now integrated directly into IBM Watson Studio!

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with IBM Watson Studio. Our platform is available within Watson Studio itself, giving IBM customers access to the industry leader in training data. Watson Studio customers can:

  • Our partnership with IBM Cloud Pak for Data provides customers a joint solution for securely delivering structured data at scale for their AI initiatives.
  • Enjoy a seamless API integration that connects Watson Studio data to Figure Eight’s human-in-the-loop platform


  • Annotate data for content moderation, image classification, natural language comprehension, or sentiment analysis
  • Leverage and customize templates created specifically for the IBM Watson Studio workflow
  • Constantly improve their models via human-in-the-loop active learning in conjunction with Watson Studio

Figure Eight & IBM Watson Studio Resources

Reinventing Businesses with AI by Ruchir Puri, IBM Fellow and Chief Architect, IBM Watson
(Figure Eight’s TRAIN AI Conference, 2018 )