Figure Eight Dedicated

Figure Eight’s on-premise human-in-the-loop machine learning platform for your sensitive data needs

Figure Eight has long provided the most accurate, flexible, and scalable platform to train, test, and tune your machine learning projects. Our new on-premise solution, Figure Eight Dedicated, brings you the same functionality our platform provides, with the additional security, control, and compliance of operating on your own internal network. It runs on any private infrastructure of your choice, giving you complete control of your data and security without sacrificing any core benefits of our SaaS product.

Is Figure Eight Dedicated Right for You?

Our on-premise solution is ideal for organizations with mission-critical data sovereignty or data governance requirements such as:

  • Heavily regulated industries in which data compliance is required
  • Organizations that need direct control of their data and assets
  • Organizations that are responsible for the management of sensitive data and need tighter security and governance
  • Organizations looking to protect their intellectual property to gain a competitive edge

For more information about the specifications and features of Figure Eight Dedicated, please download our data sheet.

Best in Class Security

  • Dedicated enterprise deployment
  • Supported in high secure air-gapped network
  • Early vulnerability detection
    and patching
  • Customer specifiable certificates
  • Data encryption
  • Support for Single Sign-On

Production Ready

  • Containerized for easy installation
  • Kubernetes auto-scaling
  • Streamlined upgrades
  • Backup and restore
  • System monitoring and
  • High Availability (HA) configurable  

Rich Support & Services

  • Experts that work with you:
    After learning about your machine learning needs, we will get you up and running, and then partner with you as you continue to optimize and grow.
  • 24/7 Personal Support and Escalation Service:
    Need immediate support? Access to our technical helpdesk 24/7 over chat and email.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Team:
    Your dedicated customer success manager will assist you while your organization gets started with Figure Eight, from proof of concept all the way to a full-scale deployment with technical and design services.

Contact us to learn more about Figure Eight Dedicated for your most sensitive data needs