Figure Eight Enterprise

Figure Eight platform delivering quality and scale to enterprises across industries

With over a decade of experience and 10+ billion judgments, Figure Eight’s enterprise-ready data annotation platform delivers unprecedented quality and scale across a diverse set of industries and use cases.  For our large customers, Figure Eight delivers enterprise solutions to support your unique business needs.

Enterprise Analytics

Gain full visibility of your investment to optimize and grow

Figure Eight Enterprise Analytics provides in-platform reporting on your organization’s usage and spending. For larger enterprises, Enterprise Analytics supports the management of multiple teams across the platform. Organization and team administrators are able to view in-depth analytics and are then empowered to make data-driven decisions about allocation, resourcing, and ROI.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Increase productivity and minimize risk to your organization with Single Sign-On

Figure Eight Single Sign-On (SSO) lets users access the Figure Eight platform using one login. Customers who choose to integrate via SSO can validate usernames and passwords against their corporate user database rather than Figure Eight managing separate passwords for each user. Users have to memorize fewer passwords, thereby increasing usage and time savings. All password policies that you’ve established for your corporate network are in effect, increasing security for users who have access to sensitive data.

Secure Data Access

A solution to ensure all of your data security requirements are met

For customers working with personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI) and other sophisticated compliance needs, Figure Eight offers a comprehensive Secure Data Access Solution to ensure all data security requirements are met.

Figure Eight Compliance

Figure Eight has received our annual AICPA Service Organization Control 2 (SOC 2) Type II audit with no exceptions noted reinforcing Figure Eight’s security leadership in the data annotation industry.

Figure Eight Deployment Options

Figure Eight enterprise solutions for your sensitive data needs

For enterprise customers that have additional security, control, and compliance requirements, Figure Eight offers multiple enterprise deployment options

On-Premise: Deploys the Figure Eight platform in an air-gapped network or in a private cloud environment

Figure Eight Hosted Private CloudDeploys single-tenant private cloud installation that Figure Eight hosts on your behalf

Customers may use internal contributors or Figure Eight provided secure contributors including Appen on-demand workforce.

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