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Figure Eight Makes Training Data Easy in Amazon Web Services Marketplace

October 29, 2019

If you are an AWS user and are working on machine learning applications, then we have news for you. You can leverage Figure Eight right from the AWS Marketplace to access enterprise level, high-quality training data. 

To learn more about Figure Eight’s partnership with AWS, head to our AWS partnership page.

Recently, Dale Brown, our VP of Business Development penned a post for the AWS Marketplace blog. He speaks to the importance of high-quality training data when building machine learning (ML) algorithms, as well as how to get this data when using Figure Eight within AWS. To understand just how data annotation works and why it’s important, Brown walks readers through a how-to scenario. 

Users can leverage Figure Eight’s data labeling platform in the AWS Marketplace to get high-quality data. The data enables them to create a model that delivers on business goals in production. Accurate training data is a key ingredient for any artificial intelligence (AI) initiative, and having both the right process and working with the right tools can make the difference between success or failure. 

Head over to read the full post on the AWS Marketplace blog and learn more about how to use Figure Eight within the AWS Marketplace. 

Titus Capilnean

Titus Capilnean

Titus is the Director of Marketing Communications at Figure Eight, an Appen company. He's passionate about new technologies, including artificial intelligence, brain-computer interfaces, quantum computing.