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Introducing Figure Eight

April 2, 2018

Today marks a huge milestone in our company’s history. As some of you may be aware, we’re rebranding, retiring our beloved CrowdFlower name and logo, and becoming Figure Eight. It’s an exciting day and we’re thrilled to share it with you.

As a consummate builder, I’ve had the privilege to build our Customer Success team from the ground up. I joined the company because I believed in the transformative nature of the company’s vision; making AI work in the real world is no easy feat but thanks to the our innovative customers, the hard work, grit and passion of our employees at Figure Eight, we are heading closer and closer to realizing that vision.

I wanted to make sure I address our amazing customers in this message specifically. Some of you might be wondering, “how does this name change to Figure Eight affect me?” More importantly, “why should I care”? The reality is that nothing is really changing much in the short term and the impact to you is minimal. Where the name CrowdFlower is more about who we were as a company, changing our name to Figure Eight essentially allows us to claim who we really are today. For context, our CEO, Robin Bordoli, wrote a blog post about the reasons for our name change. As he said very eloquently, Figure Eight represents our present and future as a company.

From a practical standpoint, I want to assure customers that while the name and brand are different, the core product is the same product that you’ve learned to use and hopefully, love. (That said, it’s better-looking than ever!) From a personnel perspective, your delightful in-platform chat buddies in Support will be as helpful as ever and your dedicated CSMs remain focused on making you as successful as possible. The trusted contributors hard at work at cleaning, labelling and annotating your data will continue to be dedicated to the tasks day and night. Lastly, we’ve updated our documentation at to make sure it has the latest and greatest product screenshots based on our new brand design! Again, nothing has changed but everything is just a little better 🙂

If you have any immediate questions, feel don’t hesitate to send me an email at or via Support at Lastly, as some of you know, our annual industry conference, Train AI is a few weeks away. We’d love to chat with you about our name change at our upcoming event, Train AI which will be held at Pier 27 in San Francisco, May 9-10.

Last but not least, this occasion wouldn’t have been possible without the relentless support of our customers. Thank you for believing in us. Here’s to the next step in this amazing journey!

Romeo Leon

Romeo Leon

Romeo is a veteran customer success executive. Prior to joining Figure EIght, Romeo developed world-class success and services teams at top SaaS players including GoodData and WebDAM, a Shutterstock company. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Economy and a minor in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley.