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Is AI mean or magic? A webinar you shouldn’t miss.

7 Myths of AI Webinar

AI is hitting primetime as never before. 50 years after an AI Winter put the brakes on large-scale AI research, corporations are funding the space as never before and solo inventors are using open-source to create self-driving cars in their backyards.

Yet, if you looked at the headlines on how media has covered AI in 2016, two common themes emerge:

  • AI is mean, and will soon turn into Skynet and end us all.
  • AI is magic, and will make us live forever. Also, you never have to work again.

Both these tropes get a lot of media attention because they’re entertaining and absolutist. AI has become excellent fodder for engaging drama or science fiction. However, it has also takes our focus away from the real question. What can AI really do to improve our everyday life? Is the business potential of AI real or not? By creating absolute narratives about AI, we’re putting away our thinking hats and getting caught in mass hysteria.

At CrowdFlower, we look at AI through a different lens: a pragmatic technology that can be applied to solving today’s problems. How do we understand what customers are saying? How do we build the first generation of self-driving cars? How do we overcome cancer?

As a CEO or CIO, this starts with you. Before you take on this incredible power of AI, you also need to understand the limiting beliefs of AI, and replace mythologies with truths.

Join CrowdFlower CEO, Robin Bordoli on this special webinar to learn about the 7 Myths of AI and how to effectively apply AI to your business processes. Featuring real-life use cases, this is a conversation you shouldn’t miss. Register here.

Event Details:

Date: Wednesday, October 26th
Time: 10:00 AM Pacific Time
Location: Online
Register here

Can’t make it to the live event? Register anyway and we’ll send you the slide deck with the recorded video after the event airs.

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