Launching AI: How to Get Your AI Initiative Off the Ground

As countless tech and business articles have highlighted, AI has the power to transform industries and gives a competitive advantage to companies that are doing it well. However, for so many businesses just getting started with an AI initiative, launching an AI project is easier said than done. If your company is actively working to bridge the gap between its AI dreams and its current operational realities, this white paper will help you map out the next steps.

At Figure Eight, we’ve been helping teams get their AI projects off the ground for over ten years. From autonomous vehicles to chatbots, to document transcription – we’ve seen it all. This white paper, authored by our Machine Learning team, describes how to:

  • Identify which challenges can benefit from AI
  • Staff the project successfully
  • Get the right data in place
  • Develop an ML model, whether buying, building, or outsourcing the work

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