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Machine Learning Assisted Text Annotation

Time: 30 Minutes

We are pleased to announce that Figure Eight has released a new text annotation tool. Join us for this introductory webinar, where we will demo the new tool and answer questions about the product and what’s coming next.

The new text annotation tool is optimized for named entity extraction and parts of speech labeling, and includes some new features:

  • Token based labeling
  • Bring-your-own model predictions
  • Updated test question matcher
  •  Token based inter-annotator agreements
  •  15+ major languages are supported

Andy Butkovic
Product Manager, Figure Eight

Andy has worked at Figure Eight for six years. In the past year, she has interviewed NLP scientists and machine learning engineers, and has heard repeatedly that scaling quality human annotations is a big blocker to helping our customers grow their NLP projects. Andy has made it her goal to help our users in this effort. She is a classically trained cartographer and lives in Berkeley, California with her German Shepherd, Honey.