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Figure Eight Machine Learning Models Now Available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace for Machine Learning

Production-quality Models Leverage Human-in-the-Loop Approach to Enable Artificial Intelligence in the Real World

SAN FRANCISCONov. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Figure Eight, the essential Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning (ML) platform, today announced that its production-quality ML algorithms and models will be available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace for Machine Learning, which allows developers and data scientists to find and procure ML algorithms and models and deploy in Amazon SageMaker. The Figure Eight models will be deployed in Amazon SageMaker, a fully managed platform that enables developers and data scientists to quickly and easily build, train, and deploy ML models at any scale.

“We are excited to welcome Figure Eight as one of our launch ISVs for the new AWS Marketplace for Machine Learning,” said Dave McCann, Vice President, AWS Marketplace Service Catalog and Migration Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “With the introduction of the AWS Marketplace for Machine Learning we are enhancing our customers’ ability to increase efficiency and productivity of their businesses with machine learning models, and making it easier for people to find models and algorithms right inside the Amazon SageMaker Console.”

Figure Eight will make available 11 production-quality ML algorithms and models that cover a range of use cases, from audio classification to text generation. In creating ML algorithms, Figure Eight espouses human-in-the-loop processes, by which people are involved in a virtuous circle where they annotate data that is used to train, tune, and test a particular algorithm. Training data is the bottleneck to making AI work at scale, and only the careful combination of ML and human intelligence allows businesses to produce AI at scale and with accuracy.

“To make AI work in the real world, at scale, requires three essential ingredients: highly accurate training data, machine learning assisted data annotation, and optimized supervised learning,” said Dale Brown, Vice President of Business Development, Figure Eight. “AWS is at the epicenter of innovation for machine learning.  Figure Eight is at the epicenter of training data. Thus, we are excited about being a launch partner with AWS for its Marketplace for Machine Learning.”

In addition to making available its models on AWS Marketplace for Machine Learning, Figure Eight is also an AWS Partner Network (APN) Technology Partner in the AWS Marketplace and Service Catalog Experience Hub at AWS re:Invent 2018 on Thursday, November 29, 2018 at the Aria Hotel.

About Figure Eight
Figure Eight is the essential Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning platform. The Figure Eight technology platform uses machine learning assisted annotation solutions to create the high-quality training data needed by models to work in the real world. Figure Eight supports a wide range of computer vision and natural language processing use cases — video object tracking, autonomous vehicles, robotics, predictive maintenance, facial recognition, medical images, aerial and satellite imagery, consumer product detection, content categorization, intelligent chat bots, document transcription, voice assistant training, sentiment analysis, product categorization, and search relevance – and a broad range of industries.  The Figure Eight platform operates at an unprecedented scale, having generated over 10 billion training data labels to power real world AI applications.  Learn more at