Learn how our high-quality data annotation platform helps make your machine learning projects work in the real world.

Figure Eight’s platform combines human intelligence at scale with cutting-edge models to create the highest quality training data for your machine learning (ML) projects. You upload your data to our platform and we provide the annotations, judgments, and labels you need to create accurate ground truth for your models.

What Our Platform Can Do:

Text & Natural Language Processing

Figure Eight’s powerful human-in-the-loop platform creates ground truth training data for all manner of text and natural language processing (NLP) models. We have solutions for named entity recognition, utterance collection, intent classification, relevance scoring, optical character recognition, among others. And because our human-in-the-loop platform utilizes a global pool of fluent, expert annotators, we can help you annotate text and create models for dozens of languages, from English and Arabic to Chinese and French.

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Images, Video & Computer Vision

Whether you need simple image categorization or labels on every single pixel, Figure Eight can help. Our computer vision solution combines human annotators and smart machine learning models to provide the training data you need to make your computer vision project a success. We support all major labeling strategies–bounding boxes, lines, polygons, dots, and semantic segmentation–allow for customizable ontologies of hundreds of classes, and can handle any use case, including autonomous vehicles, satellite and medical imagery, and consumer packaged goods. We’ve labeled over 10 million images and we’re confident we can help you too.

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Search Relevance

Founded by a pair of search relevance experts, Figure Eight has fine-tuned the search experience for some of the biggest names in eCommerce–companies like Home Depot and eBay–and we can help you too. Whether you need to categorize the right images for uniform results, score your outputs on intent and relevance, or grade query-result pairs, Figure Eight has a dedicated solution for you. With over a decade of experience and millions of judgments in this specific domain, our human-in-the-loop platform can improve your on-site search experience, no matter what industry you’re in or metric you’re maximizing for.

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Data Enrichment & Categorization

Figure Eight’s platform is deeply flexible and customizable. That means that no matter what sort of data you need annotated, enriched, collected, or categorized, we can do it. Whether you’re looking to do content moderation, transcribe PDFs for your optical character recognition model, gather business information like hours of operation or URLs, validate model outputs, our human-in-the-loop platform can churn through hundreds of thousands–even millions–of data rows to meet your needs.

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Audio & Speech-to-Text

The adoption of verbal interfaces, home assistants, and other voice-controlled devices is steadily growing. But creating ground truth data that understands every user is difficult. After all, accents, slang, background noise, and more can pose serious problems for audio models. Figure Eight can help. We can collect audio utterances in dozens of the world’s most spoken languages, validate your model outputs, transcribe audio to text, and more. Click the link below to learn how you can create audio models that not only understand users but detect nuance, emotion, and intent.

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An Overview of Figure Eight:
The Essential Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning Platform

An Enterprise-Ready Solution for Your Training Data and ML Projects


Figure Eight provides highly accurate training data for every use case. Here’s how:

  • We employ redundancy on data rows to ensure high quality, as well as dynamic judgments for the most difficult judgments
  • We actively test annotators before they begin tasking on your job, as well as during their annotations to make certain they never dip below your accuracy threshold
  • Customers have direct, customizable control of instructions, quiz mode, contributor targeting, and accuracy thresholds


When it comes to scale, Figure Eight is a proven solution for Fortune 500 companies and enterprises with a preponderance of data labeling needs.

  • We’ve provided over 10 billion human judgments for all manner of use cases
  • We combine machine learning with distributed, human intelligence to increase the speed and accuracy of data annotations
  • We routinely run millions of rows monthly for individual customers


We care deeply about the security of our customers and their data.

  • Figure Eight protects data at rest and data in transit
  • We support single sign-on for enterprises with role-based access control
  • Figure Eight has specific contracted business process outsourcers to work under NDA for private, sensitive data
  • We’re GDPR-compliant and obsess over every request and question about data security and privacy


Figure Eight is a trusted solution for data science and machine learning teams looking to make their models work in the real world.

  • We have a decade of experience annotating training data
  • We have provided the critical ground truth, model validation, and classifier tuning for hundreds of companies.
  • We have an expert machine learning team with over 100 years of aggregate experience

You can read more about our customers’ success stories here.

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