Our Platform

Figure Eight’s human-in-the-loop machine learning platform creates high-quality, structured training data for your machine learning models.

Figure Eight Training Data Platform for Machine Learning Models

How the Figure Eight Platform Works

Start With Your Raw Data

You upload a .csv of unstructured data into our platform, either via our secure web portal or RESTful API. We support text, image, URL, audio, or video data for myriad use cases. Once you upload your data, you can select exactly how you want it annotated.

Data Design

Creating a Figure Eight job is simple. You can use one of our ready-made templates or deeply customize your workflow with our code editor. This step allows you to provide specific instructions about how you want your data annotated, customizable Java and formatting, conditional logic, and a whole lot more.

Job Optimization

You set the rules for your Figure Eight job. You can build custom workflows, set your own accuracy threshold, segment for language or geography, and optimize your job settings for speed and cost.

Annotation Management: Tools

  • A suite of computer vision solutions that include bounding boxes, line and dot tools, semantic segmentation, and video object tracking
  • Audio transcription and audio recording solutions
  • Named entity extraction tool
  • A whole host of data management and data categorization tools that can be easily modified to meet your unique data needs

Annotation Management: Contributors

  • BPOs: We partner with a variety of business process outsourcers with language, geographic, and skill set expertise.
  • NDA: For personally identifiable information or other sensitive data, we have Non-Disclosure Agreements with specific BPOs for your tasks.
  • Internal: You can always use your own annotators.
  • Leveled contributors: Our global contributor pool is ranked and leveled via our in-house algorithms.
  • Custom channels: You can curate a select pool of the highest performing contributors for your specific needs.

Quality Control

We take quality seriously. Our platform offers test questions that make annotators understand exactly what you want before they’re allowed to label your data. We maintain trust scores for every person who tasks on our platform. And we employ redundancy and answer aggregations to ensure your data is labeled as accurately as possible.

Reporting Engine

We offer a real-time monitor page that shows you how your data labeling is progressing as well as reports on test question performance, contributor metrics, and more.

Built-in Machine Learning

Whether it’s our judgment aggregation algorithm or our Machine Learning assisted Video Object Tracking solution, we bake machine learning into our platform, augmenting the best of human intelligence with state-of-the-art models.

Your Data, Ready for Machine Learning

Once your data is annotated, you’ll be able to download a full or aggregated report containing every label on your entire dataset.

An Overview of Figure Eight:
The Essential Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning Platform

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