Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence needs training data, humans-in-the-loop, and, of course, machine learning

At Figure Eight, we believe that AI’s three essential ingredients are training data, machine learning, and human-in-the-loop technology. We pride ourself in providing every component necessary to make AI work in the real world.

Training data is the fuel for machine learning, where humans guide the algorithms by labeling data for the algorithms to build their knowledge. You can read about how we approach training data in our Definitive Guide to Training Data. Human-in-the-loop processing allows the feedback loop between humans and machines to be as optimal as possible, whether that’s finding the right raw data to annotate through Active Learning, or selecting the right annotation interfaces and quality controls for accurate and efficient human input.

The most important problem we face in technology today is how humans and machines and work together to solve tasks. These breakthroughs will be vital in many of the use cases we power today, whether it’s the obvious cases today like autonomous vehicles and AI-powered assistants, to the future technologies that we are supporting in areas like healthcare and agriculture.

Our Machine Learning Team

Figure Eight’s Machine Learning team combines experts in three key areas: Computer Vision, Human Computer Interaction, and Natural Language Processing. This team has been working with Figure Eight’s customers to build new Machine Learning solutions to improve the accuracy and throughput of the annotation process. This allows Figure Eight’s customers to rapid deploy and update real-world AI applications.

Natural Language Processing

Use categorization and information extraction from text in hundreds of languages.

Computer Vision

Deploy cutting-edge annotation tools that combine human and machine intelligence.

Audio Recording 
& Audio Annotation

Collect audio data to power your chatbots and speech recognition technologies.

Whether you’re using our platform to create high-quality training data or want to build and deploy state-of-the-art machine learning solutions that Figure Eight builds for you, our machine learning team is here to help.

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