Training Data

How we provide the key ingredient for machine learning

Machines need training data to understand the world. They need annotated examples to understand that a collection of pixels is a pedestrian or that a sound file is actually a person asking for directions. Without that data, algorithms simply don’t work.

The Figure Eight platform transforms unstructured data from the real world – text, images, audio, video – into high-quality large scale structured training datasets at enterprise scale. We’ve helped train, test, and tune machine learning algorithms for everything from search relevance and sentiment analysis to object detection and conversational agents. And we can help you too. Our platform powers:

Computer Vision

From simple image labeling to pixel-level semantic segmentation, the Figure Eight platform tests, trains, and tunes some of the most ambitious vision projects in the world. 

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Natural Language Processing

Whether you’re doing social listening, building a chatbot, moderating content, or any other text-based machine learning project, we can help.

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Audio Use Cases

We’ve trained, tested, and tuned the algorithms behind some of the most advanced question-answering and conversational agents around.

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Data Enrichment and Classification

From URL collection to CRM management to classification to search relevance and more, Figure Eight can handle all kinds of data projects. 

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No matter what training data you need and no matter what you need it for, we’ve got you covered. Let’s talk and we’ll show you how Figure Eight can help.