Audio & Speech Recognition

Understand everyone

Users increasingly expect interfaces they can talk to, not type at. But voice recognition algorithms need diverse training data. After all, someone in California might say the exact same thing as a user in North Carolina, but the sentences themselves are going to sound a lot different. Figure Eight can help train, test, and tune your voice recognition algorithms, no matter what it is you need.

Why Figure Eight?

Validate your outputs

Figure Eight can make sure that your algorithm actually understands what users are saying. We can help you validate if its outputs are accurate and, more importantly, use active learning to correct bad outputs with good ones and tune your algorithm.

Collect audio

For select use cases, Figure Eight will work with you to collect audio outputs in the languages you need, even for code-switching, i.e. alternating between two or more languages in a single sentence or conversation. This audio training data can be hard to collect before your product is live and can make a massive difference in usability.

Serve everyone

Users expect audio interfaces to understand them. If those interfaces are confused, users will leave and find one that works. Getting diverse training data and tuning your models makes sure your products understand as many people as possible. That means more users and more users is never a bad thing.

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