Data Categorization

Having tons of big data isn’t much good if you can’t do anything with it. Figure Eight lets you turn all the big data you have into rich data, data that’s organized, streamlined, and above all else, useful. Whether you need to categorize sentiment, business information, product pages, or, really any kind of data, we can help.

Why Figure Eight

Organize anything

There’s no limit to what data you can categorize. Tag images with keywords, organize customer service tickets, categorize leads: you name it, our platform can do it. You provide the categories and we’ll take care of the rest.

Train your models

Better organized data means better performing algorithms. Training data improved by active learning can take a toy model and make it ready for primetime.

Stop doing things manually

Data labeling and categorization isn’t what a data scientist or machine learning expert should be spending their time on. Our platform can churn through hundreds of thousands of data rows so that your models get the fuel they need to work in the real world.

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