Content Moderation

Keep the best, lose the rest

It’s not exactly a secret that there’s inappropriate content on the internet, but that doesn’t mean you need to have it on your domain. With Figure Eight, you make the rules and choose what’s acceptable and what isn’t. Our platform leverages human intelligence to filter out the content you don’t want so you can build algorithms that keep your site safe for your users.

Why Figure Eight?

Your site, your rules

We understand that different sites allows for different content. Some run almost wholly on user generated content, some allow racier language, and some just need to keep product reviews sanitary. Figure Eight lets you make the rules that are right for your site.

Moderate anything

Whether you want to moderate buyer reviews, social media posts, uploaded gifs, images on a dating site, or, really, anything, Figure Eight do it–at enterprise scale.

Get domain-specific

Out-of-the-box moderation algorithms don’t work for many people. After all, your site isn’t like the others. Figure Eight lets you train, test, and tune moderation models based on your rules with your content. That means better performance, faster.

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