Data Collection

We understand that not every data project feeds into machine learning initiative. In fact, many of our clients use Figure Eight for data management, maintenance, or collection. We pride ourselves on a flexible platform that can handle nearly any data project and data collection is no exception.

Why Figure Eight?

Clean existing datasets

Every business knows that data can get messy. Inbound sales lists get stale, businesses close, and old contacts change careers. Our platform leverages human and machine intelligence to verify that you’ve got the right addresses, URLs, and contact information.

Collect better data

Some data isn’t messy, it’s just incomplete. Figure Eight lets you collect hundreds of thousands–even millions–of data rows quickly and accurately. Typically, we see organizations looking for URLs, business addresses, or demographic information, but we can handle all kinds of projects. Reach out and we’ll see what’s right for you.

Get it right, fast

Figure Eight never sleeps. Our platform and humans-in-the-loop collect data around the clock to get your data squared away as fast as possible. Redundancy and quality controls keep data at the highest level of quality and you can pull collected data while jobs are running if you’re eager to get going.

Ready to get started?