Data Enrichment

We understand that high quantities of high quality training data are what makes data science and machine learning projects successful. And we’ve providing that data for more than a decade.

The Figure Eight platform supports a wide variety of data enrichment, validation, and categorization projects. Whether you’re tagging images for a search relevance initiative, categorizing business websites, collecting URLs and addresses, or cleaning your CRM, we can help.

Our platform powers:

Sentiment analysis

Out-of-the-box sentiment solutions don’t work in every domain. They don’t give you the why. Figure Eight does both.

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Content moderation

Your website isn’t like everyone else’s. Neither is your user-generated content. You make the rules and we’ll take care of moderating the content, whether you’re building a model from the data or moderating each piece of content individually.

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Search relevance

We were founded by search relevance experts. We know how to create the right training data, how to validate search outputs, how to tag attributes, and everything else you need to turn searchers into converters.

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Data categorization

No matter what data you need organized and no matter how you need it organized, we can help. Our platform churns around the clock to get your data the way you need it.

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Data collection & verification

The Figure Eight platform lets you find URLs, addresses, social media accounts, or any other kind of discrete data you need collected.

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And truthfully, that’s not all. The Figure Eight platform is incredibly customizable, allowing machine learning and data science teams to create the exact workflows that work for their project.

Put simply, if you need training data, we can do it. You can check out our Data for Everyone page for a sample of the kind of outputs you can expect or just get in touch and we’ll tell you how we can help make your project successful.

Get in touch and we’ll get you started.