Natural Language Processing

We help train, test, and tune models that understand the nuances of language

Language and conversation are nuanced. Subtle variations in a sentence can change its entire meaning, words mean different things across different domains, and dialogs go in unexpected directions.

But with the right training data, your NLP model can understand it all. Whether you’re looking for help with entity extraction, social listening, chatbots, moderation, or, really, any NLP use case, we can help.

Entity extraction

Entity extraction–or named-entity recognition (NER)–is important for understanding nuance. Our NER solution is based off the popular BRAT tool and can handle your ontology, no matter how complex.

Reason-based sentiment analysis

Go beyond positive and negative and find out why your users feel the way they do. Figure Eight powers enterprise-scale sentiment analysis and social listening models.

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Chatbot tuning

From NER to utterance collection to output validation, Figure Eight understands how to train a conversational agent your customers will actually want to talk to.

Content moderation

Different sites have different rules for what’s acceptable. One-size-fits-all models don’t work and you need to train your classifier in domain on the content you care about.

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Figure Eight understands how to make natural language processing work in the real world. Our solution combines human intelligence at scale with exacting quality controls to create training data that powers some of the best and most accurate real-world NLP solutions. 

We’d love to help make your NLP project a success. Just get in touch and we’ll get you started.