Search Relevance

Browsers look. Searchers buy.

Figure Eight was founded by two search experts. We understand how to train, test, and tune your search relevance algorithms to make sure your users find what they’re looking for–the first time they search.

Why Figure Eight?

Train a smarter algorithm

There can be tons of noise in simple metrics like click data. With human-curated training data, your algorithms will return better results, faster. And we can grade any kind of result, whether it involves images, descriptions, or an entire page of results.

Optimize the way you want to

It doesn’t matter if you’re optimizing for per-result relevance, whole-page relevance, or any other metric. You decide what to show for queries, what constitutes a great result, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Improve your result library

We can look at individual result pages and help build out additional categories for each and every result. Whether you want to start including color, product numbers, images, or any other extra information, our contributors will give your algorithm more relevant information you can use to fine-tune your search models.

Ready to get started?