Sentiment Analysis

Go beyond positive and negative and find out why

We combine the best of machine and human intelligence to create a sentiment analysis solution that succeeds where automated solutions fail. Get opinion about any kind of content, train your machine learning algorithms with specific, fine-tuned data sets, and categorize why people feel the way they feel.

Why Figure Eight?

Train your machine learning algorithms:

Natural language processing models need training data. And the more specific that training data, the better. Words and bigrams that might be positive in one context can be negative in another, so out-of-the-box solutions can’t provide the accuracy you need. Training your sentiment algorithm with your own, human-curated training set means your models get smarter, faster.

Go beyond positive and negative:

Because Figure Eight is a human-in-the-loop platform, you don’t need to stop with simple positive, neutral, or negative categories. You can determine not just how people feel but why they feel that way. That means deeper, more actionable data your organization can really use. Understanding why a new product feature isn’t popular is a lot better than simply understanding people don’t love it.

Understand domain-specific sentiment

A model built on 280 characters doesn’t always work out of domain. Figure Eight lets you create the training data you need to make your models as accurate as possible, giving you the insight you need into your fans and users.

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