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Podcast: Tensor Operations for Machine Learning with Anima Anandkumar and This Week in Machine Learning (TWiML)

Anima Anandkumar, Bren Professor at Caltech and Principal Scientist with Amazon Web Services (AWS) joins Sam Charrington from This Week in Machine Learning (TWiML) to discuss the research coming out of her “Tensorlab” at CalTech. In their conversation at Figure Eight’s annual conference TRAIN AI, they review the application of tensor operations to machine learning and discuss how an example problem–document categorization–might be approached using 3-dimensional tensors to discover topics and relationships between topics. They also touch on multidimensionality, expectation maximization, and Amazon products Sagemaker and Comprehend. Anima also goes into how to tensorize neural networks and apply our understanding of tensor algebra to do perform better architecture searches.