Professional Services

Helping your teams accelerate ROI on your AI initiatives by providing high value services and expert guidance

“The Figure Eight team clearly has commitment to our business. We were able to completely turn around data quality issues in a matter of months. I’ve only been impressed with how things are handled.”

— Mary Kenney, Product Operations Manager, Healthify

What is Professional Services?

The Figure Eight Professional Services team is here to help you get your AI project up and running faster.

Our team is made up of highly technical experts – all who speak the language of data scientists and have years of experience designing and managing complex data annotation jobs on our Figure Eight platform.

We offer a range of solutions to cater to all levels of budget and expertise; from building data annotation tools to creating & training machine learning models.

Whether you just need help with solving a particularly tricky problem in your Figure Eight job, or you’d prefer to sit back and let us do the heavy lifting of setting up and running your Figure Eight project, we’ll provide a level of service to suit your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a fully managed service or just guidance with optimizing your jobs, we’ve got a plan for you:

Custom Training WorkshopsImplementation
Platform AdministrationMachine Learning
Fully customized platform training workshop delivered remotely. Onsite option available. Job optimization support (design, settings, instructions), test question creation/maintenance, monitoring/auditing jobs.

Available as buckets of 10, 50, or 100 PS hours.
End-to-end managed service, from job design to data delivery.

Available as quarter time (10hrs/week), half-time (20hrs/week) or 3/4 time (30hrs/week) committed part-time resource.
Building, configuring and training ML models.
Great for:
Teams that need to ramp up on the Figure Eight platform quickly and effectively.
Great for:
Teams that need additional support to get their projects running smoothly.
Great for:
Teams that want Figure Eight experts to manage the end-to-end process of getting their projects designed, implemented and delivered.
Great for:
Teams that need support from Figure Eight ML scientists to build or optimize their ML models.

Let Professional Services set your AI projects up for success.

Our research shows that customers who use Professional Services launch their projects in production faster and have a quicker ROI on their AI investments than customers who don’t.