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Introducing Figure Eight

Today marks a huge milestone in our company’s history. As some of you may be aware, we’re rebranding, retiring our Read More


Focused on the Future with a New Name

Today, I want to share an important company decision. In the upcoming weeks, we will be changing our company name Read More


Chatbots Gone Wild: The Data Science Behind Making Sure Your Chatbot is Worth Talking To

Conversations are hard. They contain nuance and subtlety. They wind in unexpected directions. And if you’re...

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Lesbians Who Tech

CrowdFlower is a proud sponsor of Lesbians Who Tech 2018! Whether you’re looking for someone to help with your...

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We’ve Been Diagnosing Disease the Same Way for 100 Years. Here’s Why That Might Finally Be Changing

Here’s a quick thought experiment. Imagine walking outside your office right now. It’s just a regular...

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