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Our platform excels at handling sensitive data at enterprise scale to make your machine learning projects work in the real world.

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What we do for finance

Document transcription & extraction

Imagine never having to enter data from a document again. With advances in machine learning–specifically optical character recognition (OCR)–it’s fast becoming a reality. We can help your OCR models understand and transcribe information from PDFs (or other images) by annotating the data that powers these models and validate their outputs to maximize accuracy.

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Data collection

We’ve helped some of the biggest financial companies fill out their internal databases with crucial business information and we can help you too. You can gather hours of business, board member information, employee count, URLs, product information, or any other key data you need for your processes. And because we give you access to nearly one million human annotators, we can provide millions of labels a month.

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Transaction parsing

Transaction data is messy. It changes constantly. We’ve provided companies like Plaid and Digit with the training data and merchant mapping that can account for changing ground truth in the transaction data space, keeping their models accurate and precise over time by annotating data and validating their outputs.

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Sentiment analysis

Fluctuating public opinion often correlates with business success and stock performance. Spotting these trends with sentiment analysis can give you a leg up in your forecasting–and your competitors. We go beyond “positive” and “negative” and dig into the “why” behind sentiment, giving you the knowledge about not just how people are feeling but the reason they’re feeling that way.

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Chatbots represent a seismic shift in the customer satisfaction ecosystem. A well-tuned chatbot can handle thousands of inquiries simultaneously, freeing your reps to handle less redundant questions and focus on using their expertise for more difficult customer issues. We can help train, test, and tune your chatbot for your specific needs with your specific data requirements.

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