Our platform supports a wide variety of finance use cases from optical character recognition to data categorization and much, much more. We work with specialized channels under NDA for sensitive data, provide single-sign on for enterprise customers, and also offer an on-premise version of our platform for maximum security.

Our platform powers:

Social listening

Many hedge funds and financial institutions have integrated sentiment analysis–a.k.a. social listening–into their strategies. And that makes sense. After all, knowing how the public feels about a product or company can be a key indicator in their performance. Figure Eight excels at this kind of training data. We let you go beyond positive and negative and find the “why” to understand if a bad week is just a blip or something more.

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Natural language processing

Whether you’re looking to do social listening, build algorithms to understand board meetings, or any other kind of NLP, we’ve got you covered. We can train your language algorithm so you can understand massive amounts of text data. And we can test and tune your models with active learning so that it gets more accurate and more confident over time.

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NDA channels for maximum security

We know that financial data can be very sensitive. We’ve contracted with expert BPOs to keep data just like this secure and private. Each agreement is different, so if you’re curious about bringing in special channels on non-disclosure agreements, let us know. We can help.

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Trusted by today’s leading brands

By using Figure Eight to help analyze and process receipt data, Workday has been able to fashion a robust OCR model that understands myriad receipt classes, returning precise results quickly, and making the expense process a lot less painful for their customers.

Hanlin Fang

Director of Machine Learning Product Management

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When we changed to Figure Eight, within a few weeks, we saw that labeler accuracy go up to 88% and it stayed in the high 80s and 90s for us ever since, even across a large diversity of models. That’s been a really, really big win.

Etienne Manderscheid

VP Engineering, AI - Machine Learning

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Walking through the field, taking tallies on how many weeds we hit, how many we missed, and our accuracy was in the high 90s on that test. We’re really excited about bringing this technology to the farmer and using AI to really modernize farming.

Chris Padwick

Machine Learning Team Lead

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