Whether you’re training robots to see the world, fine-tuning your logistics chain, or any other machine learning project, we can help.

Our platform powers:

Computer vision for robotics

The next generation of robots need training data to understand their physical space. Creating that annotated training data is one of our specialities. We support all major computer vision approaches and have experience training the robots of tomorrow with the technology of today. Reach out so we can tell you how we can help.

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Machine learning for logistics chains

Data scientists and machine learning teams have increasingly been tasked with improving logistics chains, predicting when products and parts may run out, finding gaps and inefficiencies, and generally making everything run more smoothly. Different companies do this with different data, but Figure Eight can help categorize, validate, and annotate whatever sort of information you need to make your logistics efforts successful.

Algorithm validation

Figure Eight does more than provide high-quality training data. We also test and tune machine learning models. Our active learning approach allows for human-in-the-loop validation and correction of outputs, making sure your algorithms get more confident and more accurate, allowing for constant, iterative improvements to the models you care most about.

Trusted by today’s leading brands

We needed a way to scalably measure search results quality. We needed to look at the impact of algorithms in search results relevancy and Figure Eight provides a way to do that. Our search results have gotten measurably better and we’ve been able to increase revenue, so it's been a real winner in terms of user experience and income.

James Rubenstein

Director of U.S. Search

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Having tens of thousands of people at your disposal to read content and score it for sentiment and tone gives us the ability to inform our clients if there’s an issue. We can identify it quickly and put the campfire out before it becomes a forest fire.

Chris Lightner

Executive Vice President, Measurement and Insights

Learn how Spotify uses Figure Eight by using different human-created datasets and machine learning can collectively improve and enhance the music we listen to.

Figure Eight Machine Learning assisted Video Object Tracking

Learn how we combined the best of machine and human intelligence to create video training data faster and more accurately.



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