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Search relevance

Figure Eight was founded by two search relevance experts before “search relevance” was even a term. We’ve been helping retailers perfect their algorithms for more than a decade now. Whether your site caters to individual sellers or big name brands, we’ve got you covered.

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Computer vision

Vision algorithms are increasingly being used in logistics operations. Smart algorithms can understand what’s on the shelf–and what’s running out–so that large scale retailers can optimize inventory. We teach those models how to see. And we can help yours too.

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Social listening

Understanding what your customers love–and what they don’t–gives you the power to react before a small issue becomes a big one. Figure Eight lets brands understand not only how their customers feel but why.

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Trusted by today’s leading brands

Learn how Home Depot uses machine learning and high quality data to make every customer experience, no matter how they’re shopping, a whole lot better.
Walking through the field, taking tallies on how many weeds we hit, how many we missed, and our accuracy was in the high 90s on that test. We’re really excited about bringing this technology to the farmer and using AI to really modernize farming.

Chris Padwick

Machine Learning Team Lead

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Learn how Spotify uses Figure Eight by using different human-created datasets and machine learning can collectively improve and enhance the music we listen to.

Figure Eight Machine Learning assisted Video Object Tracking

Learn how we combined the best of machine and human intelligence to create video training data faster and more accurately.



eBook: What We Learned Labeling 1 Million Images

From photos of earth from space to cellular microscopy and everything in between, we’ve seen our fair of images come......

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The Essential Guide to Training Data

A machine learning algorithm isn’t worth much without great training data to power it. At Figure Eight, we’ve been providing......

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Getting Started with Figure Eight – Webinar

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