Success Stories

Learn how some of our most successful customers use the Figure Eight platform

Hundreds of machine learning and AI teams trust the Figure Eight platform to help transform their text, audio, images, and video into high-quality annotated data.

High Technology

Uncover the Subtle Features Your Customers Really Want

Adobe is a global leader in creative software along with additional product offerings spanning not just the design space, but e-signatures, analytics, marketing, and stock imagery. Learn how Adobe Stock leverages the Figure Eight platform to build models that help their customers locate the exact imagery they need for their marketing collateral. Read case study.

Build Custom Audio Models in Any Industry

Talk IQ (acquired by Dialpad) improves conversations with data. They collect telephonic audio, transcribe those dialogs with in-house speech recognition models, and use natural language processing algorithms to comprehend every conversation. Learn how TalkIQ helps its customers monitor and understand every phone call. Watch case study.

Categorization and Annotation: Raw Data Into Labeled Training Data

Wellio leveraged Figure Eight’s platform for data categorization and text annotation, in order to turn their raw data sets into labeled training data. Learn more.

Accurately Assess Property Conditions at Speed and Scale

EagleView turned to Figure Eight to help scale its QA processes. Figure Eight provides the EagleView team with a platform purpose-built for creating high-quality machine learning training data. Learn more.

Accurately Placing Digital Ads in Relevant and Brand-safe Contexts

GumGum selected Figure Eight for its robust training data platform. Figure Eight offers GumGum data scientists solutions, such as Machine Learning (ML)-Assisted Data Annotation. Learn more.

Automotive, Manufacturing and Transporation

Understand Every Plant in the Field

Blue River Technology is a John Deere company based in Silicon Valley with a goal to “optimize every plant”. Learn how Blue River Technology is using Figure Eight to usher in the future of AgTech with Figure Eight, artificial intelligence, and computer vision. Read case study.

Create the Most Accurate Maps in the World

HERE Technologies powers mapping, navigation, and location solutions for enterprise customers. Their maps, data, and products power solutions for autonomous vehicles. Learn how they use Figure Eight, to train their sign detection algorithms. Learn more.

Retail and eCommerce

Create a Seamless Customer Experience

Home Depot is an industry leader in home improvement with over 2,000 stores in North America. Learn how Home Depot leverages Figure Eight to make home improvement easier for each customer. Watch case study.

Accurately Categorize Millions of Products is an online marketplace that connects millions of buyers and sellers worldwide. Learn how Figure Eight improved eBay’s internal search relevance for their ever-changing catalog. Read case study.


Prevent Data Drift and Stay Up-to-Date

Digit analyzes their customers’ spending and automatically saves them money. Learn how Digit uses Figure Eight to make sure their transaction algorithms save their customers money without them even thinking about it. Read case study.

Media and Entertainment

Understand the Impact of Your Product on Customers

Spotify knows music is emotional. Hear how different human-created datasets and machine learning can collectively improve and enhance the music we listen to. Learn how datasets run through Figure Eight allow Spotify to explore the human side of machine learning. Watch case study.

Get Actionable Insights from Social Media

Human Digital is based on the principle that data-led insight is only possible when human beings direct technology.  Learn how Human Digital uses Figure Eight to create deeply nuanced social media datasets that lead to better understanding and smarter insights. View case study.

TRAIN AI 2019 Customer Panel: Verisk and Digit

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