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Learn how some of our most successful customers use the Figure Eight platform

Hundreds of machine learning teams trust the Figure Eight platform to help train, test and tune their machine learning models

You’re in good company

Some of the world’s most innovative companies and organizations use Figure Eight

Create the most accurate maps in the world

Learn how HERE Technologies is using video object tracking on Figure Eight to train its sign detection algorithms.

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Uncover the subtle features your customers really want

Learn how Adobe leverages Figure Eight to surface the best image out of a catalog of 120 million assets.

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Increase enterprise productivity

Learn how Workday uses Figure Eight to train their Optical Character Recognition model and make expense reporting a breeze.

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Understand every plant in the field

Learn how Blue River is using Figure Eight to usher in the future of AgTech.

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Accurately categorize millions of products

Learn how Figure Eight improved eBay’s internal search relevance on their ever-changing catalog.

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Reinvent real estate

Learn how Opendoor is using Figure Eight to provide the best prices for home buyers and sellers.

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Create a seamless customer experience

Learn how Home Depot leverages their massive data advantage to make home improvement easier for each customer.

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Unlock emotional intelligence

Learn how EMOS leverages the Figure Eight platform to improve their emotional detection models by a full 30%.

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Build custom audio models in any industry

Learn how TalkIQ helps their customers monitor and understand every phone call.

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Create OCR models for tens of thousands of documents

Learn how CrowdReason generates ground truth for the OCR models with the help of Figure Eight.

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Get actionable insights from social media

Learn how Human Digital uses Figure Eight to create deeply nuanced social media datasets that lead to better understanding and smarter insights.

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Prevent data drift and stay up-to-date

Learn how Digit uses Figure Eight to make sure their transaction algorithms save their customers money without them even thinking about it.

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Understand the impact of your product on customers

Learn how datasets run through Figure Eight allow Spotify to explore the human side of machine learning.

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