Figure Eight & Home Depot

The leader in home improvement meets the leader in human-in-the-loop

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Learn how Home Depot is leveraging the Figure Eight platform to create a seamless customer experience

The Company

Home Depot is a industry leader in home improvement with over 2,000 stores in North America. They believe in fostering an interconnected retail experience, where shopping on your phone feels as indistinguishable as possible from browsing at a brick and mortar location. They provide great customer experience with unparalleled product authority to create a phenomenal experience for every buyer, every day.

The Challenge

Home Depot’s goal is to make home improvement as seamless as possible, whether you’re in store, talking with a home assistant, or creating your dream kitchen on Pinterest. They facilitate this through their robust product catalog, knowledgeable staff, and massive database of buyer and product data.

Their challenge is tying all their data sources and purchase platforms together in one place. After all, how do you make sure that shopping online feels like talking to a friendly guide in an orange apron? The answer is simple: by annotating those datasets and leveraging the inherent advantage of that proprietary data itself.

Figure Eight & Home Depot

The Solution

Shoppers who search are three times as likely to purchase as shoppers who just browse. If you’re a retailer in a crowded vertical like home improvement, you need a search experience that converts your searchers into buyers. After all, they know what they want. Your goal is to help them find it.

Home Depot fine-tunes its search experience by running several different types of annotation and labeling jobs through the Figure Eight platform. Since their product inventory comes from myriad manufacturers who use differing words, images, and measurements to describe their products, one of Home Depot’s main goals is to standardize products across their search experience.

They run jobs to determine which product images are lifestyle images vs. product images vs. detail images so that every search shows similar photos shoppers can compare and contrast. They use Figure Eight’s platform to score their in-house search algorithms, making sure that relevant products are being surfaced during the shopping experience. They do similar work with their recommendation engine, tying tools, products, and more together, making it easier for a customer to buy everything he or she needs for their current home improvement project. They even do bounding box image labeling to make their partnership with Pinterest successful.

In other words, Home Depot is successfully leveraging the data their market share and reputation have rewarded them with. They have interesting data–and they have a lot of it–and they’re using it to make every customer experience, no matter how they’re shopping, a whole lot better.