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The Data Behind Today’s Data Scientists: An Infographic

It’s not exactly news that more and more data is being collected every day. And whether it’s used to forecast weather patterns or plugged into an algorithm that predicts what late-period Adam Sandler movie you’re most likely to tolerate, there’s someone on the other side of that data collection actually making sense of what’s in the numbers. Those people, of course, are data scientists.

But what exactly is a data scientist’s day-to-day job like? What are their biggest challenges? What programs do they use? Are there enough of them? In sum: what’s it like to be a data scientist in 2015?

We polled over 150 data scientists to find out. Today, we’re happy to release the results of that survey. You can download the 2015 Data Scientist Report for free on our website and take a look at the infographic below for a few of the high-level findings.

For example, we learned that almost 80% of data scientists are satisfied with their jobs. We learned that they spend too much time cleaning messy data. And we learned that they really wanted more time to analyze it.


Again, if you’d like to read the full report, just follow this link for a download. It’s free.