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Video: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Get 100x More Work Done

While recent technology like cloud computing has enabled people to take their work home with them, check emails on the subway, and stay up-to-date on every important facet of their life wherever they can get a signal, the reality is it hasn’t drastically increased productivity. In fact, productivity, while increasing, is creeping upwards at less than 1% a year. And while that’s better than society growing less productive, it isn’t exactly staggering growth.

The thing is, people can really only do so much. Just because we can take our work home doesn’t actually mean we’re inherently more productive; it just means we’re more responsive. But AI holds real promise here. It has the potential to automate human-intensive processes and the sort of rote work that machines can do both more quickly and more effectively. Our CEO Robin Bordoli joined Nick Johnson, Director of Thought Leadership at Salesforce, at this year’s Dreamforce to talk about just that. Check out the video to learn exactly how AI will increase our productivity.