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Webinar: How NDA Crowds Work


Plenty of jobs that come through CrowdFlower deal with publicly available data. Twitter sentiment analysis, internal search relevance, comment moderation, and many other use cases leverage our contributors and our platform to enrich data that’s simply available on the internet. But for certain jobs, our customers require additional protections. Those use cases–jobs like resumé transcription and license verification–have important privacy concerns. After all, resumés have what’s called “PII”, or personally identifiable information. That data just isn’t appropriate for the crowd at large.

For use cases like this, we have what we call NDA Crowds. NDA stands for Non-Disclosure Agreement, which is a contract that CrowdFlower signs with select channel partners so they can work on tasks where privacy is of paramount concern. A key thing to remember here is that these channels have employees of their own who work on CrowdFlower tasks and that those employees only work on CrowdFlower at specific locations. They task work in a secure facilities, on machines without USBs or any other way to remove data from the computer itself, and are surrounded by professional contributors, smart leadership, and a group of like-minded peers. This not only keeps sensitive data safe, but assures that these jobs get completed by some of our best and most productive contributors.

One of our preferred channel partners is called iMerit. iMerit is just a tremendous company we’re honored to work with. You can listen to their CEO Radha Basu speak at the Rich Data Summit if you’d like additional information, but essentially, iMerit provides work for marginalized populations in rural India by giving them access to all sorts of work, including tasking on CrowdFlower jobs.

On Wednesday, we held a webinar with the Anupam Biswas from iMerit to explain how our relationship works and how iMerit delivers high-quality results at impressive scale. You can watch the webinar below, then scroll down for some of the questions we were asked near the end.

Onto your questions:

Is there a video or documentation going along with the seminar?

You’re looking at it. Oh. Also: there are some slides on Slideshare.

How large is iMerit?

iMerit has five separate locations in India and employs over 1000 people. If you’d like to learn more about them, we invite you to visit their homepage www.imerit.net.

Is iMerit your only NDA partner?

While iMerit is one of our oldest partners, they aren’t our only NDA Crowd. Daproim and Indivillage have also contracted to do NDA work with us and behave similarly, providing high-quality data enrichment and positive social change in their communities simultaneously.

Where are the employees based? And does every person work from a secure, iMerit-managed office space?

While we covered this in the introduction to this post, we can’t stress this enough. Yes: all iMerit workers (and all workers in all our NDA channels) work at secured, managed offices spaces. This keeps your data private. Always.

Would we have access to train the team on a job or task?

Yes, you can train iMerit’s team through one of their Project Managers on a job or task, just ask. If you want to visit the team in India, that would be awesome!

iMerit workers have seen nearly every kind of job. They’re platform experts and know what our clients want out of the platform. Take time to explain things succinctly and clearly in your instructions, make sure to note where your edge cases are, and you should see great results. From personal experience, I’ve ran really complex jobs through our NDA channels that required a heightened attention to detail and small distinctions and saw great throughput and accuracy.

If you’d like to learn more about using our NDA channel, just visit our contact form to get it touch. We’ll let you know how it works and help make your pilot a success.