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Webinar: Combining Human Intelligence with Machine Learning for NLP and Speech

Time: 1 Hour


Executing successful Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Speech projects in the real world is complicated. It is often difficult to find the right volume of raw data to annotate, especially if some categories/words/topics are very rare in the data. It is also difficult to find and manage the right people to annotate, transcribe or create the data, especially when the use case requires domain expertise or certain languages and accents.

Join Figure Eight and learn how to incorporate better active learning and annotation strategies into your projects to achieve better results in your NLP and Speech applications.

This webinar includes a brief demo of the Figure Eight platform to show how to generate high-quality, human-annotated training data and incorporate that training data into human-in-the-loop machine learning systems that you can run in your own environment.


Robert Munro, Chief Technology Officer, Figure Eight

Hosted by:
Bill Vorhies, Editorial Director, Data Science Central