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What Color is this Dress? The Crowd Speaks the Truth

February 27, 2015

The social sphere has been in an uproar, #TheDress, over identifying the color of a dress that was posted online. The image of the dress in question is below. Some people see it as a Black and Blue dress, while others see it as White and Gold.




We ran a survey using the CrowdFlower platform to determine what colors people all over the world recognized this dress as, as well as whether they are self-described Night Owls or Morning People. The Night Owls vs Morning People angle came from this Wired Article, where the author has an interesting idea. He wonders if the difference in colors has anything to do with how these different types of people perceive colors.

We polled 1000 people to ask what colors they percieve in the image. See the results below along with the correlation to Night Owl vs Morning Person.



To whet your appetite before diving in, here is a distribution of all colors people perceived from the original picture. That is one CRAZY dress!



Below is a graph that shows the overall distribution of the crowds response in terms of whether they fall into the “blue” or “white” group. We grouped these together by putting anyone who chose any combination of blue and another color in the “blue” group, and anyone who chose any combination of white into the “white” group.


We can see that 58% thought the dress was white, while 42% see the dress as blue.

In this graph we wanted to see if there was any correlation with color perception and person type (Night Owl vs Morning Person)

We looked at these as a percent of the whole within each person type, and based on this analysis, there doesn’t seem to be a strong correlation between how these different types of people perceive colors, there is a small one but nothing too meaningful.

Hope you enjoyed and let us know what colors you see in the comments!


Aaron Zukoff

Aaron Zukoff

Aaron Zukoff has lived in 7 cities around the world and is our resident solutions engineer here at CrowdFlower where he works closely with the growth team to manage Fortune 500 deals through the pipeline. Aaron graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology just last year and majored in Management Information Systems. Aaron is a geek at heart, he loves gadgets and breaking new technology.