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Why I joined CrowdFlower

July 10, 2015


The thing I noticed when I first visited CrowdFlower was the television. I’d come in early for my first interview and found myself staring at it, but not because the monitor was displaying metrics like you might expect. It was a slide-show with people and their quotes, the contributors who work on CrowdFlower’s platform. And it wasn’t all the different people, but one specific image that struck me: a picture of a man named Gerandy from Laguna, Philippines with a quote saying how CrowdFlower has allowed him to earn enough income to help his family.

In a few moments, his picture cycled off and one of CrowdFlower’s other contributors showed up. But he stuck with me. Laguna was the place where my mother was born. I remember spending several summers there as a kid with my older sister. We stayed with my Aunt and cousins, not to escape from the hustle and bustle of Manila but to learn how to live a simple, honest and provincial life. I remember meeting several locals in Laguna outside of my extended family. Life was very hard for most of these people. Yes, there was a lot of poverty but what really remember from my experience was that people were truly happy despite of the odds they were dealt. They always wore a smile, were willing to help, and super humble to a fault.


Seeing that image during the interview process really struck me and there was an instant connection to my past. I was fascinated by the power of CrowdFlower’s platform since it had the ability to make a meaningful impact that affect people’s lives. The connection to my past really made a huge impact for me. I was immediately hooked.

Of course, that was only the beginning. Here are the four other reasons I chose CrowdFlower.

Life as a trusted builder

As a leader, one of the things I’ve enjoyed most in my career has been the process of building a solid foundation as opposed to carrying on a well-established process. Since CrowdFlower recently pivoted from being a Managed Service company to a B2B SaaS platform, that means I’m responsible for making sure our Customer Success team is equipped to handle that challenge.

For me, it’s super exciting to put my own vision into reality and see it flourish than to pick up where a predecessor left off. I’ve been fortunately enough to do that at other SaaS companies and it’s always extremely rewarding when that vision becomes reality. Almost six weeks into my role, I couldn’t be happier with the level of trust entrusted in me by our CEO, COO, my colleagues in the Leadership team and of course, the folks within Customer Success.

Working with the world’s most innovative companies

CrowdFlower has one of the most interesting and revolutionary platforms I’ve seen and if you go through the list of our current customers, it’s not surprising that the world’s most innovative companies use us.

Why is this? I truly believe that our customers understand the power of harnessing big data and making it rich. They realize that big data isn’t worth much unless you can analyze it and CrowdFlower turns that big data into rich data that a data science team can really use. That’s a huge competitive advantage that separates you from the competition.

I see this trend of working with the best of the best accelerating as more and more companies hire Data Scientists and want to harness the power of rich data to separate themselves from the competition. As they say in tech, innovate or die. I absolutely believe that CrowdFlower is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of the world’s most innovative companies.

Shared values

When I’m thinking about joining an organization, it’s important that there are synergies with my own core values. They’re the traits I believe make my teams (and the companies we’re a part of) run as well as they possibly can. For me, those values have always been Excellence, Passion, Transparency, Respect and Fun.

Flash back to when I first arrived at CrowdFlower. I noticed they had their core values framed on the wall. I stared at them for a second: Humility, Honesty, Grit and Performance. Then I started thinking. Comparing my values and those values side by side: humility is very similar to respect; honesty is essentially transparency; grit is really another word for passion; performance is all about excellence. So where is fun? Don’t worry, as far as I can tell, it’s just a given here. This is an office filled with people who truly love working and supporting each other. There’s a lot of chatter and smiling and people from different departments hang out after work to have a beer, play games, and, well, just have fun. That’s incredibly important to me. I think those are the teams–and the companies–that run best. It’s a symptom of having each other’s back.

A belief that it is truly special

At the end of the day, you have to go with what your gut tells you. In this case, my gut told me to join CrowdFlower. Why? I truly believe that it is a special place and we’ve barely scratched the surface of what we can achieve. The technology is revolutionary, the addressable market is growing exponentially, we have an amazing team of passionate individuals, and we are making a difference in people’s lives.

Ultimately, what I believe is that I can help build our rocket ship. It will be an awesome ship where I’m one of the co-pilots and not merely a passenger. So, I suggest you get your seat belts on. It’s time to take off.